The Caribbean


The Caribbean 1995: The Bahamas

For Lisa's Birthday we got together with some friends and spent the better part of a week
on Harbor Island in the Bahamas.  Lisa insists that, geographically-speaking, the Bahamas aren't
part of the Caribbean, but hey, who's counting?


The Caribbean 1998: Dominica and Antigua and Barbuda

By the time Zoe was a few months old it was obvious she had the heart of a traveler.
Or, at the very least, that she wouldn't stand in the way of our traveling bug.  So we
broke out the books and found the perfect trip for her first jaunt abroad: with 10 friends
we did the Natural Paradise of Dominica and the white sand beaches of Antigua.

The Caribbean 2001:The Dominican Republic

Lisa's birthday coinciding with a business trip to Florida was too good an opportunity
to pass up.   Grandma came down to sit Zoe and Lisa and Kevin went off to finally see the
Greater Antilles.  Even spent a few minutes inside Haiti.


Spice Islands Christmas 2003: Puerto Rico, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada

Lisa had a yen to go sailing, so we rented a boat, and a captain, and a cook, and three friends (well, ok, we didn't rent them) and spent a few days in the Grenadines. Sandwiched between St. Lucia and Grenada.

Lesser Antilies 2009: Sint Maartin, Saint Martin, Montserrat, Antigua

A meeting in Antigua seemed like a good excuse to visit three of the world's non-sovereign nations.

Turks and Caicos 2009: Turks and Caicos

A few months after our neighborhood burned down we were in need of a bit of a break.


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