Middle East

(Including Levant, Arabian Peninsula and Egypt) 

Travels in the Middle East  1990: Overland from Athens to Aswan (via Israel, lower Egypt)

In 1990, for our first trip abroad together,  we planned a month long overland trip from Greece
through Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Israel and Egypt.  Then Iraq went and invaded Kuwait about 3 weeks
before we were to set off.   So instead we overlanded and "oversea-ed" through the Greek Islands to Cyprus
and Israel before heading over to Egypt and down the Nile.  Still haven't made it to Syria and Jordan...
(Intifada II broke out and ruined the second trip in 2000; once again only after plans had been made and
tickets had been purchased.)

Travels in the Middle East 1993: Oman, Bahrain and Yemen

After Kevin graduated we took off on a six month jaunt in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.
Somehow, while on the road, this evolved into an attempt to overland as far as we could go.
While bad sailing weather and middle eastern boarder paranoia forced us to fly to, from and
around the Arabian peninsula, we spent some quality time in Oman, Bahrain and Yemen. (We
did  overland from Taipei, Taiwan to Karachi, Pakistan and from Asmara, Eritrea to  Cape Town,
South Africa.)

The Eastern Med 2010: Lebanon, Syria, Turkey

Third time's a charm. Twice before over 20 years we'd tried to get to Syria (and, once before to Lebanon) only to have geopolitics spoil things for us. This time we made it, combined with a trip through mainland Greece.


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