Travels in Europe 1990: Overland from Athens to Aswan

(Greece, Cyprus)

In 1990, for our first trip abroad together,  we planned a month long overland trip from Greece through Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Israel and Egypt.  Then Iraq went and invaded Kuwait about 3 weeks before we were to set off.   So instead we overlanded and "oversea-ed" through the Greek Islands to Cyprus and Israel before heading over to Egypt and down the Nile.  Still haven't made it to Syria and Jordan... (Intifada II broke out and ruined the second trip in 2000; once again only after plans had been made and tickets had been purchased.)

Living in Europe 1994-1996: The UK

Kevin's first postdoctoral position brought him to Oxford and me to a job in the City and both of us to weekends in Wales and Scotland.

Travels in Europe 1994-1996:Ireland and the continent

(Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary)

The thing about England is that it's so convenient to Europe.  Travels to Ireland, the low countries, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, climbing in the Alps, Portugal, Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein.

Overland Oxford to Singapore: Scandinavia, Estonia and European Russia

(Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Russia)

Time to leave the UK and head back home to North America. Problem is, Europe, Asia and Oceania are in the way.

Travels in Europe 1999: England and Germany

A meeting in the German Alps (love them Alps) brings Kevin to Germany and the whole gang back to England.

Travels in Europe 2001: Slovenia, Italy, San Marino and the Holy See

A meeting in Trieste and aborted plans for a visit to the middle east spell a holiday in Slovenia and the north of Italy for the Plaxcos.

Eastern Europe 2002: Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany

In the world of research, one has to strike while the iron is hot. Having a story it was time to sell

(and sell, and sell...) Kevin did a tour of the major protein folding research centers of Eastern Europe.

And took some time in Minsk, Belarus.

Arctic Travels 2005:Iceland and Greenland

After having spent several months traveling mostly in hot, tropical climates during '04-'05 we decided it was time to head up north and see the Arctic for the first time.

European Microstates 2004/2006:Andorra and Monaco (and Spain and France):

Bianual workshops in Lyon, France provide Kevin a chance to knock of two of the smaller states in the world.

The Western Balkans 2008: Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia:

Another European work trip for Kevin ment it was finally time to see Europe's most remote corner.


The Eastern Med 2010: Bulgaria, Greece (mainland), Syria, Turkey.

A flight into Sophia, a rental car through the north of Greece, a week on the beach, some riots in Athens and then we head off to the middle east.



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