(including Australia, New Zealand, Melanesia, Polynesia and Micronesia) 

Travels in Oceania 1996: Australia, New Zealand, Melanesia (Fiji) and Polynesia (Cook Islands)

After Kevin finished his Oxford postdoc in the Fall of '96 we had planned on overlanding from
Oxford to Melbourne, Australia.  Unfortunately the Chinese-run ferry from Bali to Darwin went
belly-up just as were were to leave (figuratively, not literally) thus forcing us to fly from Asia to
Darwin, Australia.   From Darwin we split the outback down the middle, hooked a sharp left for
Melbourne and Sidney from where we flew to New Zealand.  After a whirlwind,  unlimited-milage-
rental-car tour of Auckland and the South Island we hit a bit of Melanesia (Fiji) and Polynesia (The
Cook Islands and Hawaii).

Travels in Oceania 2000: Micronesia (Pulau, Yap, Guam)

"Hey, Zoe's going to be 2 soon and will no longer fly free.  Of the places on your top 10 list, which is
the most expensive to reach?"

French Polynesia 2003: The Society Islands and the Tuamotos

Time for something exotic, yet tame, to wow grandma and the friends. Mission accomplished.

Fiji and Tonga 2006: Tastes of Melanesia and Polynesia

TIme for another family trip, this time to the remarkably friendly islands of Fiji, and for a bit of harder core traveling as

a threesome, kayaking in the Vava'u group of Tonga.

Hawaii 2008: Zoe's 10th Birthday trip

TIme for another family trip, this time to closer to home.


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