Latin America


Travels in Latin America 1995:  Aconcagua and Chile

Kevin wanted to get away from it all for this 30th Birthday, so we ditched the cold, gray
English winter for a cold-but-sunny two week expedition to climb Aconcagua.  At 6980m,
this Argentine peak is the tallest outside of Asia.

Central America 1997: Costa Rica

With Lisa 6 months pregnant tried to find a destination that was close, safe and exotic.
Costa Rica fit the bill.

Mexico 2001: Baja

When Intifada II broke out and ruined our planned trip to Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Israel
(after plans had been made and tickets purchased; damn geopolitics), we switched gears radically.
Renting a Mercury Mountaineer the size of the Good Year Blimp we packed up the kid, our
friends Mary and Joel and our faithful golden retriever Nike for a road trip down to Bahia de Los


The Andes 2002: Peru and Bolivia

By the time she was nearly four, we figured Zoe was old enough to handle the altitude and other health issues of the altiplano. And we sure had wanted to see Lake Titicaca for quite a while...

Central Mexico 2004

Our dear friend Lindsay had been resisting visiting his lovely wife Estella's home town in Central Mexico. When Kevin and Lisa learned that the city, La Piedad, was near the highlights of central Mexico, a trip plan was hatched.

South America 2004: Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina

The juxtaposition of Kevin's getting tenure, Lisa accruing some real sabbatical and the Plaxco's not having taken more than a two week trip in many years was just too much for us, so we packed the bags and ran off to South America for a month.


Northern Mexico, 2005: Mexico

Time for some quality (if delightfully challenging) daddy/daughter time: time, in other words, for an arduous overland trip down into north central mexico's Baranqa del Cobre (Copper Canyon)


Southern Central America, 2006: Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama

If it's Christmas, it must be time for another challenging daddy/daughter trip: this time overlanding from Managua, Nicaragua to Panama, where we met up with Lisa for a week's family holiday.


Baja Kayaking, 2007: Mexico

Lisa's 40th seemed like a good excuse to skive off and go kayaking for a week.

  Baja X-mas 2008: Mexico

Christmas time? Time for another daddy-daughter trip. This time overlanding from home to the tip of Baja by train, bus and rental car.



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